TimeSheet Calculator Application

Main Screen
The TimeSheet App initial screen.
Enter the punches in and out from your timesheet to
calculate the total hours worked.
Enter the optional payrate and overtime information to
calculate the total earnings for the timesheet.
Click on Print/Preview to view and print the timesheet that has been entered.

Load and Save TimeSheet Screen

Save the current timesheet you are working on for a later time.
Load a saved timesheet to continue working on it
Delete any unnecessary timesheets.

Print/Preview Screen

Preview the current timesheet.
Print the current timesheet to a printer.
Print the current timesheet to a file for archival purposes.
Select up to 4 user defined fields for your report which you define under the Options menu.

Adding the user defined fields

Add up to 4 user defined fields to your report.
For Example: Add a Field Name called Employee Name and Social Security Number.
Then add Field Values with the actual names and numbers.
Click Save and Exit to store them for future use.

Time Calculator Application

Calculate hours, minutes

Calculate hours, minutes, seconds

    Add or Subtract hours/minutes or hours/minutes/seconds.
    No need to convert time to decimal when performing calculations

    View your entries in a live 'register tape' window

    Ex. When trying to add 5 Hours 45 Minutes + 2 Hours 30 Minutes
    Simply enter 545 + 230 The result will be: 8:15 (8 Hours 15 Minutes)